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If you have any injuries or ergonomic desk set ups please be sure to contact us immediately.


How to reduce stress and fatigue : Exercise @ Your Desk

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 "The accessibility to professional confidential counselling provided by Assure Programs psychologists is a key component of Flight Centre Limited's corporate health and well being program - Healthwise Global. In addition to its contribution to employee morale and retention, Healthwise Global has helped to significantly decrease the number of sick days taken by Flight Centre Limited employee's throughout Australia and New Zealand and around the world from the industry average of 10.4 days per year to 3.44. This represents savings in the order of $27 million over the past three years alone. At Flight Centre Limited, people are the most valued asset. Improving overall health and wellness is the priority and Assure Programs has been partnering with Flight Centre Limited in this important work as the EAP provider since 2003."

Graham "Skroo" Turner

FCL MD December 2010