Step Challenge WINNERS


We know you're all pacing the floor in anticipation as to the final results of the Healthwise Global Steps Challenge 2012.  Shame the challenge isn't still on as we are sure you would have racked up a few steps!  

HUGE congratulations everyone who entered and successfully completed all 6 weeks (42 days) of the Challenge.  We truly hope the steps challenge motivated and challenged you to increase your daily movement.  We hope you chose to keep stepping it up! 

Unfortunately Skroo could not be tracked down on Friday to make the draw for the challenge.  Rumour has it he thought the Steps Challenge finished this week and was still out trying to rack up some steps!  Sorry, too late Skroo!  In his absence we were lucky enough to have fellow X Team member, Colin Bowman, on hand to make the draw.

Global Prizes
A huge thank you INTREPID for sponsoring the Global prizes for the 2012 Healthwise Steps Challenge.

Top Individual Prize WINNER is:
Rebekah Richards CANADA 
(Intrepid trip anywhere in the world to the value of $1500 for 2 people)                            

Top Team Prize WINNER is: 
Attack of the Retreating Invisible Cows NEW ZEALAND
(Intrepid trip anywhere in the world to the value of $1500 for the whole team)

QLD State Prizes

UNQ Individual Prize WINNER IS Ellen Flinn 
From Flight Centre 170 Adelaide St 
Ellen enjoy egypt at it's very best! Pyramids, Pharaohs and mighty temples, Nile Felucca Cruising, Ancient Thebes and the Tomb Strewn Valley of the Kings. Sun, fun and time to explore. This very popular itinerary provides a fantastic overview of legendary Egypt in nine intoxicating days (please note this is a land only prize) 



QLD Team Prize is: TEAM AWESOME - Cruise Product  - Michelle Julius-Baty, Helen Hersom, Chevron Bengtson, Andrew Knighton, Terri Bettany and  Kristelle Cooney
WIN  $500 worth of Healthwise vouchers to be shared within the team.  



QLD Most Improved WINNER IS Hayley Tillard
Hayley Tillard from TEAM: Treading Taigum Tigers - Week to week Hayley grew her weekly totals to finish on a average of 6642 per day. Wk1: 34696   Wk2: 35425   Wk3: 41912   Wk4: 45681   Wk5: 58745   Wk6: 62546
Congratulation Hayley you have won $100 work of Healthwise Vouchers. 
This category is based on improvement in steps over the duration of the 6 weeks, 



INDIVIDUAL: $50 Healthwise Voucher, Cherie Wilson (with Jodi Gridley) Cracking up their steps on the Great Wall!!! 
TEAM: $100 Healthwise voucher, The Stepfordwives
Week 1: Rhianna Kennedy, Team: HOT GREESE
Week 2: Chris Stuart, Philip Holden (no teams submitted default to individuals)
Week 3. Kate Laird, Andrew Knighting (no teams submitted default to individuals)
Week 4: Emma Waraker Team: HOT PROPERTY
Week 5: Cherie Wilson, TEAM: Superheroes Steppers
Week 6: Philip Holden, TEAM Stepfordwives